Glucose Monitoring

Glucose Monitor

Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes is threatening because of not only the disease itself but also these serious complications. Good diabetes management means keeping the blood glucose level as close to normal as possible, such as physical activity, body weight, healthy eating and avoid tobacco.

Glucose monitoring is the main tool to check the effects of diabetes management. All diabetic can benefit from checking the blood glucose. These checks tell the glucose level at any one time and gauge how well the diabetes treatment plan is working.

Here are the blood glucose ranges for adults with diabetes:

Preprandial plasma glucose (before a meal)    5.0–7.2 mmol/l(70–130 mg/dl)
Postprandial plasma glucose (after a meal)    < 10.0 mmol/l(< 180 mg/dl)
A1C    < 7.0%

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